The error

The truth, it gets plainer day by day

As you spend time with old friends and new

Good friendships, they come and go

And you try to hold on to very few


It’s just the way that we are made

And today’s circumstance warrants nothing more

People, they come and go

And you can’t pretend that it bothers you, if you stay true to your core


You lament and experiment, every few years

A dipstick to see if you’ve changed

And while you experience the emotions, with all your heart

Sustaining these experiences is an act out of your emotional range.


You leave, perceive, and conceive

Every possible, valid logic and reason

In the end all you know

Is that your affections change with the season


And so, post the initial effort

You won’t take the initiative, any more

Post the initial stupidity, done with such honorable intentions

You will leave to stay true to a dream in gypsy folklore


You will say your usual apologies

‘I’d be able to carry this off this time around, I’d believed’

And as you see them letting go, as you asked

You feel your heart break and yet, you feel relieved. 


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