Create your identity

Paint a mercy

Work on your roar

Brew some ecstasy

It’s no longer about

What pathway you walked or did not

The bliss remains in corners

Of the stories you never forgot


Weave your dreams

Build it to reality

Untie whatever holds you back

Behold the clarity

It is no longer about

Wrong or right

History only beholds

The passion of the fight


Demolish your demons

Destroy with indifference, your foe

Let no one else define

Your high or low

It is no longer about

A choice you then had made

The transience remains

Everything was meant to fade

Create. Destroy. Resurrect.

Burn a bit. Add a block. Deduct a piece.

Let every worldly norm fall on deaf ears.

Untarnished, dream. Unadulterate your being

Undoubtedly, and without doubt, create.


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