How could you not love life?

The green on the trees or the warm summer breeze

How could you be so unkind?

To obliterate it all with a sip with such ease

How could you give it all up?

Forsake those who care

For a moment’s worth of oblivion

To escape that noose, that snare

But that noose you see

It’s just a guiltless branch upon a tree

That snare… was never there

When did you last enjoy the past?

And embrace what comes next

How can you not see?

Others would give up much

To be in your shoes

To travel, to be

You seem to be on a path

With no destination

What a luxury to have

Only, you don’t remember the path

Nor the destination

Nor the desire to take in

Anything but that golden dew

How can one be so bound and so blind

To the option or the dearth

Walking away

From the hands you held

The words you didn’t mean

Being able to do that

To run to a new muse

What a time to have

And still

Have those left behind still want the best for you

How could you not love life?

How could you choose to obliterate it so?


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