What a long, strange trip it’d been

As we wandered along the stone-way path

My throat was parched

My legs, they ached

Beads of sweat, they lay on my neck

I longed for a soothing bath.

Not yet, whispered the well-known voice

The warmth of which tickled just right

My legs moved on, the thirst denied

Wipe the gravel off my face

I must look the part, must be strong yet meek

Marched on again, taking in his sight

The road opened up, theatrically

Like a makeshift porch of green and grey

Dancers came pouring in

As if, inadvertently

Twirling and shimmying

Elaborate, against a setting May

We sat on a boulder as they blocked our way

The dancers provocative in the way they swayed

Did her scarf just fall?

Oh no! Oh yes!

Did that skirt just lift?

Oh no! Oh yes!

With eyebrows raised

Coy smile upon my face

I winked at one, a kin for sure

Share the moment, we were the same

Not unlike was their dance

To the dance we danced

Their games, rang true of the games we played

What they did with their clothes

We did with our eyes

Our words, our smiles

To part, to stay

Did he just fall?

Oh yes! Oh no!

Would we have it all?

Oh yes! Oh no!

Was this dance so needed, so compelled?

Would I dance with him still if another fell?

Were the words meant?

Or for spectacle was the hand held?

Show and tell

Yet, show not much

Tickle the mind

Ingrain a thought

I can play this game, frequently bought

I can provoke your attention and converse not

You prefer the meek?

Oh no! Oh yes!

You’d like me in glee?

Oh no! Oh yes!

Uncover, and then flee?

Oh no! Oh yes!

Who do you want me to be?

The show wound down

And ours begun

Hand in hand we went

Ahead of the setting sun

The path downhill, easier now

Across the setting picturesque

I quite understand the context

When you said you loved everything

About burlesque.



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