I write today to give you hope.

Hope in the things unseen

Hope in your obnoxious dreams

Hope away, without fear

Hope for the things which bring you cheer.


I hope you read and anticipate

The adventures waiting at that corner

The miracles that come to you sooner

Hope, I implore. Don’t let doubt creep in

Hope your reality in same colours you dream in.


It’s easy to give up.

It’s easier still, to not.

Don’t give up till you won’t give up

Till you can’t give up

Let hope become a habit

Let action follow it


I write today to distribute hope

Let a smile play on your mouth

As you daydream all you want your life to be about

Let it soak your skin

Let it permeate your nature, grim

Smile, my friend


Let not a bruise take away

Let no unkind word make you sway

Soar in your reverie

Plan to make it reality

Hope away, undeterred

By small things like reason

What we thought impossible then

Is already real with a turn of a season


I write today to give you hope

Never doubt, never fear

And when those dreams, those obnoxious dreams

When those dreams come true

Remember, to keep hope alive

It’s the talent of just a few.


I write today to give you hope.

Hope in the things unseen.

Take chances. Harbour spontaneity

Go, without doubt,  to places you’ve never been.


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