Not Cool

An unremarkable woman
In plain clothes
No sway of the hips
No three-inch heels
No painted lips
No sex appeal
I won’t shade up my eyes
When a room we’re inside
These tendencies seem old-school
I guess I’m just not that cool.

An educated woman
In the corporate world
With that nine to five
Post which, socialise
Can’t tell witty tales
Won’t laugh with sexist males
Not tactful
Not a good sport
I refuse to play along like a fool
As you have it, I’m not that cool.

In a time where anything goes
Empty jokes to cover up lows
Pressure of acceptance runs through years
Be a story-teller and fake your tears
If they put you down
Sarcasm will bail you out
And words of love for sex’s sake
Is what our generation is about
I wait for profanity to subside
I don’t nag, but I won’t abide
Kisses made for love, are not a tool
Forgive me, I’m not that cool.

I’m socially awkward
And unashamed
I found my path 
beyond this game
I may not be cool
It’s not my form
Get to know me, yet
For, I am warm.



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