Dear God, I have a grievance

Dear God

I have a grievance

A bit of annoyance

Over your test of my patience

Do you really think

I’m good at waiting?

Considering, you made me

I find that a bit exasperating

I have towed your line

And gone with the flow

But now as I wait for the destination

Do you have to ebb the flow?

I wake up every morning

Optimistic and glad

But looks like it is part of your swag

To make a quick thing lag

The wait is supposed

To make things sweeter

But you’re sweet as it is

Speed hence, would be much neater

Oh I pray

In my own way

So don’t you say

It’s not my day.

Dear God,

I have a grievance

And it’s about time

I had your attention

I’ve been a good person

Without pretention

I’m acted my acts

I’ve done my bit

I wait with baited

breath, strength and wit

I implore you to open my file

Write approved

And I’ll cruise for a while

I know you have my back

Maybe I should cut you some slack

Alas, you made me and you should know

What waiting does to impatient souls

I’m taking risks my fellows frown upon

I’m making plans without a foundation to build upon

My faith in you stays unaltered and profound

Dear God, I have a grievance

You need to act faster in my benefit all around.


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