Chandigarh to Chennai- Part 3. The place I love to hate!

I’m the quintessential North Indian in South India, the Chandigarhite in Chennai, much the Punjabi among the Tambis! And currently, I have a love-hate relationship ongoing with the place. While I still hold that this is way better than NCR, I admit today that I’ve had an enough overdose of the following two things: Rajnikanth and Tamil.

Rajnikanth: Whether I’m in office doing work, shopping at a mall, travelling using a cab or whiling away time on the net: here is a man, I can’t escape. He is the talk in walk for my colleagues (whatever that may mean), the butt of almost all face book and twitter PJs. He is in the dhinchak mechanized ROBO(T)-ROBO(T) tune playing at every shop and every car and he is the one actor whose films are never taken down the Cineplex. A man, just a man- yet a God, with an irritatingly huge, loyal and very vocal following. Atheists like yours truly are accused of blasphemy.

Tamil: Just as Rajnikanth is an integral part of Chennai, so is Tamil. The National language, Hindi and the International language, English stand nowhere when it comes to the usage of this dialect in Chennai. Every time someone asks me: Tamil Therima?? (Do you know Tamil??), I have the urge to reply, “No Dude: Hindi-Tera Baap!!”

And yes, the third!

The Thick Mustache and The Lungi: Let’s just say that I’d rather have not seen the senior management or other colleagues in their lungis. I did not care much for the unabashed hairy sight nor for the patented pelvic dance moves only Kollywood can provide. And yes, ignoring with the premise of all encompassing virility attached to the mush, I would like to see an un-mustached guy in person… or even an un-mustached girl, for that matter!

I ask myself everyday how I survive this place, yet at the end of the day, I somehow do love this place!


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