Rain (Ver.2)

“God-damn-it”, I said as I walked out to the porch to find a torrent of rain. Now there’ll be mud and muck on the streets. I remember how you loved the rain, the bike-rides in the rain, and the coffee in the rain… Such absurd fixations, you women have. You, as a person were sort of absurd too.  You were always such an utter mess, could never make up your mind about anything, always jumping to conclusions and “assuming” things. It was a good thing that we broke up when we did. Your pretty face couldn’t compensate for your chaotic personality, that’s for sure.

I shrugged on my jacket and braced myself for the ride on the bike, with the rain lashing on my face like a thousand pin-pricks. The coffee shop I had to go to was all the way on the other side of town. 45 minutes later, I was there. She was sitting near the entry, absently looking at the menu. Now, that is the kind of girl I should be with. It’s been 15 days since we’ve been engaged and she doesn’t remind me of you, even a bit. I sit next to her, with an arm around her. She orders a green apple soda.

The waiter looks expectantly at me. I glance at the menu. I haven’t had one espresso since you left. I remember clearly how you almost choked on that first sip of my black coffee. I order a cappuccino. That was your preferred drink, wasn’t it? I have grown fond of it, too. The sugar soothes me.

She just cracked a joke. I’m not sure what it was, but she is laughing. I laugh too. It must have been funny what she said.

It’s raining still. “To hell with you” I think, as I turn to face her, with a smile plastered on my face. “I don’t miss you at all.”


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