The Con

The land of old school ideas going in sync with new age technology; a country where pretentions run wild and free; where basic truth is hushed up due to its perceived crassness and lies are accepted because they fit the social norm.
In such a place, lived two such pretentious people.
If they had not lied, their life would have surely fallen apart.
The question was how long would they be able to keep it together?
She was a simple girl, led a simple life. And the only thing she knew for sure and which she had realized earlier in life was that she enjoyed hanging out with boys. She had always enjoyed their presence, loved how the way their mind worked, and generally had more fun with them. Looking out at the rain splashing on the window, she smiled, thinking about those good old days when she hung out with ‘the boys’ when they were teenagers. She remembered the obnoxious behavior, the inappropriate gestures, and the use of foul language in an exceedingly unabashed manner. She never knew how much she would miss it, till she actually did. Somewhere, somehow, she had grown fond of all her crooks. Yes, she had liked her education years and she had liked boys. She really could not say the same for men.
Somewhere far away, he got out of the shower and toweled his well-toned body.Putting on his only Armani suit, he vowed to have his wardrobe of them before long.Tying up his shoe laces, he thought about this important meeting, it meant a promotion and soon, very soon he would be off to settle in the United States where he could finally be himself. He got out of the small flat he had rented and took his new Santro to work. As he walked in, he could see the appreciative female glances, he could feel their eyes on him. Damn them, he thought. He was not interested. He had important things to do. He went inside his boss’s office and told her that he was ready whenever she was. She gave him a cocky smile, and told him that he was looking good today.He gave her a smile to acknowledge the compliment and politely asked her how her husband was doing.
Follow the chapters below to see what happens next… 

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