Chapter 2

The scene at home became crazy. Not hectic crazy… just plain unruly crazy. His mother started to cry and gave him the look that said, “I gave my youth to you… how can you leave me?”  He thought, “So if you gave your youth for me, it was your choice. I choose not to make such silly mistakes in life. I will not feel this guilt.” The non-verbal communication and mind reading went strong in his family. It would give Jacob Black’s clan a run for its fur. He wondered if his family would get this ‘twilight’ joke. He wondered if it was right that he was a twilight fan. Anyway, he thought, now to break the news to daddy dear. Now that he would enjoy.


It was quiet at her big home. Everything about her home screamed ‘Look, look! I am rich’. She couldn’t even begin to explain how much she hated being labeled a ‘rich kid.’ Though she did not mind the frills, the being waited upon, having to just say the word and have every wish fulfilled. It was fun. She just did not want to be called a ‘rich kid’ and have people think she was waited upon hand and foot. She’d rather have kept it as her little secret. But that wasn’t the case. Life’s unfair that way. But would things change now? She would still be a part of her father’s organization, albeit working a hundred miles away. If he didn’t agree, she would just throw a tantrum. He had always given in to her tantrums. Fathers, after all are the easiest to manipulate. Now all she had to do for now was to wait for him to come home and then shatter his dreams of inexpensive expansion in Canada.


“California? You are going to California?”




“For how long?”

He could hear his mother sniffing in the background. They would qualify as silent sobs, only that they were inexplicably just the right decibel to reach the next room and make themselves be felt by its occupants. Of course, it would be unjust to assume that it was being ‘orchestrated’ that way. That would be akin to implying that the sobs weren’t 100% genuine. And everyone in the house knew better than to even consider such a thought.

“A couple of years”


“I’m not sure”

“When do you leave?”

“Next month”

“Will you visit your mother? Call her?”


His father downed the whiskey. “You are selfish.”


“And you have no respect for us”


His father turned red. His jaw twitched just like it did before fury unleashed.

Pathak Junior walked out of the house and went home.


“New York? Who the hell is sending you to New York?”

“Your company”

“There will be no such bloody business”

“So it IS true. Glass ceiling does exist for women employees in your company!”

“Young lady, my company is a fair company and I am a fair man and you know it!”

“Well then, let me prove my mettle… let me take this gig and see how it goes!”

“What the hell is a ‘gig’?”


Mr. Kaushik was a fair man. His daughter was quite the opposite. He knew her tricks and traits. He knew when she lied. He knew of every all-night party she had been to, and how drunk she had been. He knew about the stash of Marijuana kept under her bed. He knew all about her string of boyfriends… each of them unworthy of her attentions. But she was his daughter. And she was smart, even though she did all she could to appear to be an idiot. He just wished sometimes that she would behave like a grown up and not a 15 year old.

“Fine. But I’ll be keeping a close check on your work.”

He frowned, and added, “Who gave you this ‘gig’ anyway?”

“The new creative head – Mr. Balwant singh… heavy name for a light man, if you ask me!”

Mr. Kaushik’s lip twitched in a smile but Sameera didn’t notice. “So, I’ll go prepare to pack ?”

“Sure, honey. You could go shopping for your stint at New York. Take my credit card… my gift for doing so well”

Sameera smelled something fishy. But her dad had never outwitted her, till now and probably never will. He thought she was a homely girl. After all, he did not know anything about the all-night parties she went to, or how drunk she could get, or heaven forbid – the stash of Marijuana kept under her bed!

“Sure, dad! Thanks.”

Sameera gave him a peck on the cheek and walked out of the living room and to her room.

Only when he heard the tell-tale click of her bedroom door, did Mr. Kaushik finally allow himself a full grin, as he settled down to some Fashion TV and whiskey on his favorite leather chair.


…To be continued…


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