The Walk

The wind was blowing a hurricane, driving through the sky big, black, heavy clouds from which the rain poured down on the earth with terrific violence. She was drenched and loving it. She was one with nature… a victim of its tyranny, a messiah of her own fate in her own right this fateful night… Tonight she was going to be one with her first and only love, in this perfect setting…welcoming nature at its fearsome best.

Such a beast, she thought as she smiled shyly. There was something off about her, she knew. There must be a medical term for it. Insanity? Delusion? What was it exactly? Why did she care? Not tonight. Tonight was hers. The one night she did what she really wanted to do sans worldly appropriate blame.

She was lightheaded. Moonshine reflected from the cut glass filled with beautiful honey colored whiskey in her left hand. Pristine beach, a lonesome night, the voice in her head was clear and crisp, telling her what to do next. Tonight was hers. Sans Guilt.

It wasn’t easy. Her family, her friends… what would they say? Life moves on, but could she add to the difficulty of already difficult lives? She would not allow herself to think. Not tonight. Tonight she loved only one man… cared only for him… As her parched mouth drank in the whiskey, her eyes drank him in…unmatched; he stood just beyond the waters, beckoning her. Five years, she had denied herself the pleasure. Not tonight. Tonight was theirs…

The rain poured, just like that first time. She was drenched. Nature thundered. The sea waves gurgled. Her heart thumped in her ears. And she walked… one step in front of the other. She walked towards him, just as he had always wanted. Going to him, of own free will.

At the first touch of icy waters, she faltered. This wasn’t right. He wasn’t real. Just a mirage. But such a beautiful mirage. She should go back. But to what? And why? A happy content life awaited her… but the mysticism tonight refused to be ignored… Courage… Courage, if only for tonight. And it’ll all be over. With the last drop of honey-warm liquid, the voice got stronger. This was it. No guilt. No more pain. No more compromise.

She ambled into the sea to him. The rain was her only witness. It was appropriate that it ended the way it had begun. Finally, she walked towards what she really wanted. Finally, she had had the courage. One step in front of the other. She silently prayed for her loved ones. Give them peace. She walked deeper into the sea and deeper into him. Finally in his arms. Happy. Safe.

She walked till she could never walk again.


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