Absurd Truth.

“Love is not for sale”
Protests rang out: screams, shouts
“Love is not for sale”
Everyone agreed without a doubt
And then there was one to disagree
A crooked smile wore he, eyes cold and poised to make a decree
“I met God once”, said he – in a low tone
“In a crowded place and no one saw
I met God once
Was it faith or madness, I hardly know”
“God is just a boy”, he drawled,
“Hardly ten”,
 “Not a very interesting one either,
Despite all that he’s been considered since time knows when”
“When I met him, I was unaware
Who I had the fortune to meet
Or misfortune – I can’t quite decide”
He shook his head, bemused, when he heard the protest shouts
‘Ignorance isn’t bliss’ on the street.
“He played in with an unelaborate marble
Green and blue”, he continued
“And inside, he had what looked like toy soldiers
And toy maidens too.”
“And when I saw closely, I saw a tiny doll that looked like me
And one that looked like you
One who looked like this bartender
And yeah”, he pointed lazily, “those two.”
He studied his audience
And knew they weren’t buying the tale
They were protesting for love
Apparently even stories here weren’t for sale.
He grinned a grimace and continued
“I asked the boy about this trick & he signaled me to look closer
And as I did I saw my toy version also peering
into a smaller marble, green and blue with a lazy leisure.”
“Magic man was He, I looked at him – ashen and pale
He laughed and joked that no one would trust my tale”
“He said ‘Yes, it is I who play this game
All you know is but a mirage of my whim & use
And I’m sorry to have barged in like this
But some of the strings came loose’.”
The man with the crooked smile laughed
“To think about the years we’ve spent confused
As to why we’re here, how to live
And ponder on all we have to lose”
The girl looked bored
“What’s this story to do with the roars out there?”
She held up her hand “It’s been a good story, mate
But what matters most today is if in a cause you care!”
The man with the grimace like grin smiled.
“But there is a point to my tale.
The 10 year old kid struck a bargain
Since I’d caught him merrily creating chaos and ail.
The boy offered to give me that for which I most strive.
Freedom, hence I asked for life
But there was a price to pay even to the kid
He took something from me I never used yet always hid”
“God bought the love & kindness from my being
In return for the freedom I sought
It is quite amusing to see those others
Claiming love can’t be bought.”
“I don’t ramble on without purpose.
There was a point to the tale.
As I parted ways with the boy
I heard God whisper to himself, amused
‘Love has always been for sale’.”