The Unplanned Trip

Written when I was 16… 15 years old.

A little girl and her grandpa

Once went downtown

For there was a circus there

And she wanted to see the clown.

She skipped and asked him along the way

“What will he look like, grandpa?”

The grandfather smiled and replied,

“Like a dream from afar.”

The little girl was pensive

And thought about it for sometime

Her grandfather looked lovingly

At that angel of nine.

“I wish you could tell me more”, she said,

“Since I don’t understand.”

“You’ll have to wait and watch, my dear”, he said

“The show will be really grand!!”

When they reached the overcrowded circus,

The girl jumped up and down

She had had her very first glimpse

Of a very colorful and funny clown.

His bright red nose

Upon a chalk white face

His colorful, frilly clothes

Made her stop in awe and gaze.

It was then that the stampede began

And the sunshine was drowned away

As she reached out to her grandfather for protection

She felt him pulled away.

“Let me go to my grandpa please”

To unhearing ears she pleaded and asked

And when no one came to their rescue,

She did a holy task.

The fragile girl crawled to her grandpa,

And as he fell, she gave him all the support her small body could

But her grandpa, he slipped and fell

And she, too, hit her head on a plank of wood.

The last thing she heard

Was shouts and cries for help

And yes, she did hear one last thing

And that was her own yelp.

As she opened up her eyes,

It was a different sight.

Her grandfather was besides her

And everything was unnaturally bright.

“Where are we grandpa?

Weren’t we supposed to see the clown?”

The grandfather looked at her gently

And then, at the heavenly ground.

“We are going to a place, my dear

Where children should seldom go”

“Oh! That sounds so exciting”, she said

“Tell me more… hurry…Oh, grandpa! You are so slow!!”

The grandfather’s eyes were moist,

Because he could not explain

To his little princess,

the horrible, horrid pain.

“We won’t be going home, my dear

In God’s grace, we shall now stay”

Yes, it was an unplanned trip

And they had come too far away.