Pseudosane goes Maple!



It was done. It took three hundred and ninety eight days but it was done. I went tripping to Turkey and Nepal while I waited, imploded about three possible romantic relationships because I waited, changed my mind about quitting my job three hundred and ninety eight times as I waited every single day for seven months and seven days of those three hundred and nighty eight days only to be groggy with sleep when I got the news that it was done, but it was done.

I am moving to a new country site unseen. My one way ticket is booked with a German layover. The only person I know is my host of the AirBnB where I have planned to stay my first month. I hope to make friends out of the people who’ll rent me a bicycle which will be my main mode of transport as I find a job there, and maybe the means of transport to get to it as well. My agenda is to find the ground beneath my feet and a bit of sand, since I did choose a beach city to call home for the rest of my life!

This page on my blog is to keep track of my adventures as I navigate my way through the ups and throughs of a blank canvas landing to a new country.. and I hope you will join me and cheer me on as I start this phase of life!


With Love, 


29 Nov 2016




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