Be Fearless

I know your mouth is parched, your heart is racing and your limbs feel rubbery as you step out of a comfort zone for want of something better, something grander without really grasping what that ‘something’ is. You are leaving behind a mediocre circumstance on the hope of a spectacular experience, an instinctive optimism propelling you towards the unknown.  You see the black pitch you need to walk into, and you see nothing beyond it. You panic, you falter, you question the logic, you reprimand the heart; the soles of your feet get stuck to the ground, you’re unable to place one foot in front of the other and you feel sick to the stomach.

“What the hell am I doing?” you ask yourself. There is still a chance.  You could go back. But the past was dreary. And if you go back, you know without a hope that it will be a lackluster existence.

So, I ask you, today to be fearless. Take that step towards the unfamiliar and embrace whatever change it may bring. You have won half the battle just by starting your journey, and now is not the time to stop. And even if the future isn’t better, at least it would be cease the monotony of today.

The people you meet along the way, those who inspire you and those who put you down, are ‘just’ people, mere flesh and blood like you. They have their own set of hopes, dreams, strengths, perfections and flaws. Your husband, your wife, your boss, your subordinate, your family, you friends, your beau, a stranger, the rich, the poor, the established, the vagabond are all but people under those labels. Learn for them, respect them but don’t treat them like God. They neither deserve nor expect your reverence. They are just characters in the story of which you are the protagonist. You are the reason why the story is written, the reason why it would be read. Don’t fear the people in your life and don’t seek to be feared. At the end of the day, the entire play of power is pointless. There is only co-existence, or the act of moving on.

Don’t fear mediocrity. Experience the shame and anger that mediocrity brings. Don’t fear failure. Experience the heartbreak and physical pain and seek to understand it. Don’t fear the perfect. Perfection is nothing but perceived reality. Don’t fear judgment. Not all battles need to be won. Some would be lost, and should be lost. Life wasn’t meant to be lived with just one flavor of existence. Go through all the zillion emotions that exist, and then some.

Lastly, I ask you to give up your inhibitions. Untie the ties that bind you. Let go of the past, the bad memories and the good. Stop worrying about what will come, it will come whether you worry or not. Live today. Act today. You could do anything with this moment…anything at all! The world is your playground… all it asks of you is to be fearless.


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