Spontaneous Combustion

Do you know how spontaneous combustion occurs?

If you do, then you know how “tripping in love”* happens.

*I say tripping because “falling in love” in my opinion, has a totally different connotation.

Go on, see the similarity:

Wikipedia tells us what we need for Spontaneous Combustion. I add my two bits worth in the parenthesis and italics.

1. A substance with a relatively low ignition temperature (heart on the sleeve disposition) begins to release heat(blush, giggle, indiscreet checking out), which may occur in several ways, such as oxidation (a meaningful look) or fermentation (mere existence of the opposite sex)

2. The heat is unable to escape (lack of opportunity to get to know “must know” details), and the temperature of     the material rises (Day dreams, overactive imagination… and if you are lucky: Electric Atmosphere)

3. The temperature of the material rises above its ignition point (Senses are tuned to the particular someone, in an almost unreal fashion)

4.Combustion begins if a sufficiently strong oxidizer (cousin’s wedding, quiet moments, match-making relatives and friends) is present.

I add a clause of equally spontaneous de-combustion as well.

  1. When must know details become must not have known details
  2. When another spontaneous combustion starts happening. It has been concluded (by me) that 3 simultaneous spontaneous combustions are easy to handle… more require an expert touch. 6 above can be damaging to (at least) someone’s health

As far as I am concerned, the terminology of crush is passe’ , I’d rather spontaneously combust!


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