The Year Of No Return

What if it were true? What if the earth was indeed going to end in December 2012? What if I was handed out a piece of parchment that said- ‘you have one year to live’. What would I do? And would I do anything differently?

When I think about it, I have precious little in my life that is left to be desired. The life I lead is fuller than it ever was, more carefree than I could have hoped for, and more blessed than what I deserve. God has always been on my side, it seems. Do I have regrets? Some. Would I do certain things differently? Yes. Do I want second chances? You bet. But if someone told me today that I had just a year to live… would I focus on what went wrong? Not a chance.

I try today to be honest in this post. What would I do if I knew for certain that the world would end in December 2012?

  1. I would NOT quit my job. I absolutely love it. There is mediocre love and then there is passionate-love. What I have is absolutely the latter. My work is uber-creative and my team is the best team one could have hoped to work with. And just for that, I’d like to spend time with them.
  2. I would fly down just to kiss the one boy I have wanted to kiss for the longest time.
  3. I would start writing a book. If I can get it all down on paper by say March 2012, at least I could coax ten odd people to read it.
  4. I would get a credit card and go on a world tour with my family. There is nothing better than a time of love and laughter with the rock pillars of your life.
  5. I would marry a Texas cowboy on a whim and have a happily till Jan 2013 with him.
  6. I would hunt down Nigella Lawson and have her whip up the meal of my life.
  7. I would hunt down Samantha Brown and have her take me on at least three of her trips (Don’t ask me how I am getting the visa, or leave… this list is like a Bollywood movie… no logic-just masala)
  8. I would travel, travel, travel, travel, travel… and then travel some more
  9. I would go to an opera and get high on a symphony
  10. I would probably publish this blog as a book and bury the copy 10 feet below ground level and maybe when alien life finds this chunk of ancient script, I’ll get famous some 20,000 years later.

My theory is this. I should do all the above even if no one hands me that piece of parchment. I would call 2012 ‘The Year of No Return’, and do all that I want to do when I want to do it and the way I want to do it. And if the world does not end in 2012, well then 2012 would have been the boldest, grandest and most fun year of my life. Being God’s favorite child, I am sure I could still get away with some pretty naughty things. One book, and a lot of fun travel with one rugged looking & take charge kinda man with a kind heart is all I want out of 2012, of course with continued background music to add to the dreaminess.

Bring it on 2012!  Even if the end of you is the end of me, I am happy. And if this is not the end, well 2012 shall be The Year of No Return


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