Closer are all of us

Closer than we ever were

Where distance matters not

And histories are usually forgot

Friendships forged, attractions denied

Individualism celebrated, materialism eyed

You & I talk about everything & it amounts to nothing at all

But then nothing really does, or ever did

And we spend our time, swapping stories & dreams

Unrequited loves, open secrets & grandiose schemes

Where virtual is as real as reality gets

And each of us lap up the fame that each begets

Insignificant, no longer – each a celebrity in their own right

And yet, even though I know all about you, I’ve never had you in sight

Effortlessly we stay in touch

& frankly, we both know it amounts to not much

Geographies are just lines on the ground

For I can reach out to anyone, anytime, any way around

All one has to do is choose from the ‘available’ list

And in case of a fall out, no one is ever truly missed

And while you & I have much to say

& can spend talking all night & all day

I wonder if you’ve seen how we behave & what we do

With all the people we know – strangers, acquaintances, & friends, too

I wonder if you’ve seen what I see with such clarity

How we waste time, effort, emotions & sanity

On conversations that are no longer a craved rarity

And all intelligence is sacrificed over pun –plays & equivocality.


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