First Taste Of Corporate Life

Three days in, and I want out.
Is this what corporate life is about?
Wanted work, but just sitting about.
That I will fit in such a life, I reserve serious doubts.

They said it was hectic but haven’t realised that by now.
Eat-sit-eat-sleep, would turn me into a cow.
Was so enthusiastic… Recession has put a dump on that now
Should i embrace such redundancy?
Or quickly take a bow?

I guess I could stick on
Assume that the months would turn out fine
But right now what pricks me
Is the fact that they aren’t paying me a dime.
I wont say its terrible
Its no green wound dressed in lime
But the boredom is enough to stimulate in me
The desire to write this rhyme.

…..and thats NOT good!!!!


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