Just Another Shallow Party

They ride the wind and follow the trail
They reach that isolated, “been there, done that” place
They greet the people they hardly know
And let the many hues mask their face

The drinks are served
They rush to get theirs
Anything to feel light
The novelty, yet, is not rare

They light themselves a couple of smokes
They find themselves a mate
They sit together and lament the world
Taking turns, they lament their fate

The drinks flow, overflow
It spills in the attempt to fill to the brim
The narcotics corner is now open for service
To feel yet more weightless… to get the license to sin

Under the pretext of alternate illusion
They make their many petty moves
And if by some bad luck, those backfire
“It was stupid of me … you know the effect of booze”

They justify it-it’s their break from the worries of life
It is the night of mindless celebration
Let’s celebrate lethargy, cynicism and disillusions
Con ourselves with action less, momentary deliberations

And so the night progresses
The party is in full swing
Some are out cold, some are sick
Some are happy they are getting a one night fling

Then dawn breaks and the sun comes up
Their bloodshot eyes open with considerable might
They drive confidently with hung-over limbs and mind
And congratulate each other on an enlightening night

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