Drowsy at work
I put on my reading glasses
So no one can see
The small bouts of shut eye I gather
My seat so comfortable
The air-conditioning just right
All I need is a thin sheet to cover me up
As I succumb to slumber
Alas, I have a meeting to anchor
And talk about my work
Because that is all I did not shirk
Can’t say the same about sleep
Too often I’ve shirked that need
How silly, to think of it
To trade dreams for plans
My arms are leaden, as is my mind
If I ask him, I’m sure my manager would be kind
Should I creep in to the first medical room I find?
And give in
I can already visualize
The bed depowering me
Devouring me
The pillow so soft against my misshapen head
I can visualize that comforting bed
Yet, 10 minutes in
I will be on my two feet
Explaining things post a mandatory meet and greet
While people will fiddle on their phones
And fake interest in what I have to say
While I fake interest in what I have to say
I am so darn drowsy at work today
Won’t you let me sleep?