My Albatross

Smoke & mirrors
When the last drop of wine is gone
and your last breath is in and out
when the air is clear & clean
and i lay bereft without
When the music stops
& the chatter on the box
won’t fill the silence
I reach out to you
And find me instead
in that crack of the cap
as it tears from the bottle
in the ending life
of every drag
you turn to ashes
like my albatross
and when you are well & truly gone
I take 2 minutes of silence
to respect your end
but there you are again
out of a golden box
onto my hands
and i hold you dearly
for you are reborn
in my hands
in my mind
and my heart
a full promise of light
ready to be lit
to go the cycle of burning
as your life was meant to be
in my hands you burn
on my lips you remain
the only thing that’s touched me
so close, yet so short lived
you are whole again
my albatross
my dream
my muse
till I burn you to ashes again

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