Winter Breeze

Her clothes are rags
She stands barefeet
Hungry and numb
In the winter breeze

A child so brave
Life’s cruel tease
She waits for kindness
In the winter breeze

They pass her by, in their warm attire
Ignore her empty eyed plead
Safe in their glowing homes
While she stands there shivering
In the winter breeze

She has nowhere to go
They threw her out when she caught the disease
And she waits for forgiveness
In the winter breeze

She looks at her hands
Red, swollen, numb,
She trembles, ill at ease
Standing there alone
In that frigid breeze

She looks up at the stars
She sighs,”bring me to you ,please”
Her body shakes as she holds her head to cry
As she weeps, her tears freeze

The freezing cold was the only angel
Who did the needful to cease
The poor child’s discomfort
In that winter world’s lease

And then came eternal bliss
Everlasting sleep and peace
I remember her as the one
Braced with strength against
That winter breeze


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