Dead Alive

Meandering trail that winds around the skull
Leading nowhere, damp, unlit, infested
Stagger, collapse, limp ahead, unaided,
You can’t go back, can you?
Stuck to a life as you owe it to others
To lead it well, to lead it right
Smile, and pretend that nothing is wrong,
No one really cares, do they?
Hold a hand that wanted to hold yours
Give it up in the name of some absurd dread
Regret, repent, and move on,
There is nothing else to do, is there?
Beg for a second chance, to make it right, to make it sane
Weep inconsolably at the loss of a love
Fracture, bleed, die inside, then marry and have kids,
That’s the social norm, isn’t it?

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