I’m Back.

I return
To pay you back in kind
Your worst nightmares
Sealed and signed
You’re scared
I’m amused
I’m back for you
Remember me?
Yes, you do.
You cannot forget
Can you?
You go weak
I grow stronger
I’m back for you
Lucifer, on my side tonight
I’ve been patient, almost late
Blessed is this stroll of mine
Dear perpetuator of hate
You cry
I laugh
I’m back for you
It is judgment hour, tonight.
You die. Why?
Time to pay the price
You die tonight.
I will have my sacrifice.
You burn
I cool
I’m back for you.
Burn in Hell
Blister and Sore
Feel hunger, thirst and sex
To stay unfulfilled forever more
You bawl
I snarl
I’m back for you.

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