The Year 2009.

It started out just another year
What I did not expect, it brought near.
I did too many things I’d never done before
Eye opening experiences knocked at my door.

I got so high that I made a scene
Met a VJ I had just seen on screen.
Sprained my neck head-banging to miscellaneous songs
Remembered the next day, some serious wrongs

I had too many crushes in too short a time
I broke some hearts, including mine.
I took some chances, made some bets
The short life of that first one I’ll never forget.

I finally found friends I think who’ll stick
Who hang about when I am lousy and sick.
We laughed a lot, at silly things
I realized the joy that friendship brings.

I travelled much, explored the domain
In groups and alone, I quenched the thirst that still remains.
I gave a chance to Trust and Hope
And disappointments were lesser and cynicism lesser in scope.

I dreamt my first sweet dream that I can recall
It’s one of those that I can’t share at all.
I over obsessed about every damn thing
Lived like the Drama Queen, and with all the absurdity that brings.

All in all, this year was too damn fine
N all I want to say through this rhyme
Is I’m glad I had you, 2009!!


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