Dysfunctional Love

Behind their shiny car and pretty house
He was so violent that she bled
His idea of the respect and love that
He had promised that night they wed
He would not let her go
For she fulfilled his twisted need
And she did not want to leave
For being needed was her greed
She drank to deal with the bruises
That he gave her skin and heart
The nights of passion she stole here and there
Wasn’t reason enough for him to part
He dealt with it the only way he could
One day at a time, in their golden cage
The pleasure to beat a promiscuous wife
Satisfied his hatred and his rage
Of ugly days and dreary nights
A baby boy came to be
Their family and neighbors all rejoiced
While pretending that they did not see
He became the sole purpose of her life
Choked, gripped and smothered
His father would flirt with his female friends
Unperturbed, remained his mother
And he grew up with hate and sneers
With no faith in any paradise above
He found a girl, proposed and wed
And thus began again, dysfunctional love.

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