(This is about all the relationships, friendships and familial attachments… written some years back)

Is Love so necessary?

So obligatory?

Their victories are short lived

The sun shine that warms them

Loses its affection for good

The spark that ignites them

Is lost in the dark cold mist

Blue skies turn grey

Spring turns to winter

You say that spring has beauty because of the dreary winter

The cycle such: winter after spring, spring after winter

But it’s a new spring

A new spark

A new found.

The older left behind

Memories soon fade away

But for some

The spring is elusive

Those who wait

Do in vain

Those who don’t

Are wealthier in time

You say that erroneous is the concept of wealth that I hold

But relative is the concept of wealth

As is that of heaven and hell

I was created free

And free I shall dissolve

I shall flirt with love

But never fall for it

For all you say or do

Eloquent and persuasive

It might be

Yet I know

Those who win love

Win a dream

But it’s a dream indeed

Whence awake

Nothing but a dream

Conflict never complement

As not love with freedom

If I could I would

Hail love as the greatest God

The greatest mood

But my greatest God is freedom

Compromise with it

I shall not

Nor shall I

Negotiate its terms

You say I’ll lead a sad life!

At least that grief would be mine alone

For something I had control over

I’ll be able to forgive

Move on

Their angst will stay

As will the grudge

Exoneration would be obscure

And Life?

When you have felt deeply

Does it not stay with you?

Does it not feed on your soul?

To grow on you?

This doomed fate may be acceptable

To them for their being

I have other plans

For what they offer

I shall never consent

And with what I to them

They shan’t be contented

Leave me be now

Or I shall leave you be

In good faith

I hope they find what they look for

And in measures great

Surpass the joy

They considered it would bring.


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