Moonlight At Midnight

Moonlight at midnight
Music filling the backdrop
A walk along an empty roadside
It never could begin…but it never could stop
A slightly tipsy man beside me
Adorable, as hell
I knew this madness shouldn’t fly
But then, I was curious as well.
He didn’t make the move
A waste of such a perfect mood
Like a scene from an old black and white
Etched in my mind, for good
He didn’t have my trust
But I wanted to give some to him
I had nothing to say
I wish I could’ve said something to him
Moonlight at midnight
Such a faultless scene
Two strangers discover one another
A love story, it could have been
But I knew better
Sadly, so did he
A dream-come-true
So, it never could be
Skeptics we were
Not ready to lose
But that moonlight at midnight
Is like a silken noose
Every night it arrives
Memories from a reverie
I remember that attempted arm around me
And what it means to have a heart race in captivity
That place we sat beside the lake
It brought joy and pain
Moonlight at midnight
Here you are again.
It’s good to see you
And talk about what might have been
If he sees you, tell him I said hello
And thank him for showing me 
what moonlight at midnight could mean.

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