I have met you too many times before,
Of different bodies, but a common per fore
Ever since I was a child, you’ve stayed
Encouraged and coaxed me ahead, as I strayed
Kept a cold hand of indifference upon my heart
I tried to withdraw- a sorry, useless effort from the start
I have walked this path, I know that look on your face
 In the line of fire, you adjust my location and hold me in place
Again and again, Over and over… so many people you are
Turning each rare sweet day gifted, impeccably sour
I’ve seen you instigate, persuade, then sneer
I’ve tolerated your cruel jests and jeers
But I no longer resent your presence
It’s may be the price I pay to be alive
You’ve become a part of my being, my soul, my psyche
I stand alone knowing I remain defeated, by your like
You who stand on a pedestal and judge away
Shoulders could stoop from the weight of the words you say
Yet, I can’t muster the whim to fight
I regard the exercise futile, even if right
I’ve been in this too long to expect you to be kind
But an eye for an eye, would make the world blind
So pass your time, make opinions, and don’t budge
On my part, I stand strong, prepared and ready to be judged.

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