On Travel…

Can you feel it, now?
The anticipation… building, making you soar
The moment is almost here
When you leave to attain something more
The heart leaps, you grin
This is your victory… this is your win
This is your life as it unravels
Happiness is found in the folds of travel.
The world of make believe
The one in which anything goes
& so would you, when it’s time to leave
The feel of the sun of another land
The fulfillment of a desire, grand
The crunch of your shoes sound anew on the gravel
Happiness is found in the music of travel.
The promises of adventures, that you’d made to yourself
You hope they come true this time
That when you get back, you have more stories to tell
Hidden in the innocence of your rhymes
This is what you’ve run after… the lyrics of a long forgotten song
This is your life’s reason… this is where you belong
& when the time comes & you have to say farewell
You’ll tell everyone happily, content that you lived your life well
Happiness is the result of love – love of travel.

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