The Path I’m On

Maybe in a sky beyond this one
stars fly in another sky and
maybe in the mist beyond this
raindrops jump off clouds just to come alive
On the wings of coloured dreams
I float to these wonders
winding, soaring and curving
runs the path I’m on
Maybe I’ve never seen reality for what it is-
deaf, I stand while the winds talk on
I stop, barefoot on a grassy lane
I stop, but the road walks on
Basking in the cool sun,
peaceful beneath a hot shade
Winding, soaring, curving,
runs the path I’m on
Maybe the sprints we run stand redeemed
by the experience of moments suspended in time
and the knowledge that no promising, green shackle
could be as seductive as a rhyme
Circles and loops, dots and lines
cursive and italicized are the yarns I weave on
winding, soaring, curving
into you and me upon the path I’m on.

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