Beautiful Irony

By Jennifer Holcomb

I begged you to love me
It couldn’t be done
emotion, passion, intimacy-you showed me none
I’m through trying now, my efforts exhausted my drive
The beautiful irony is now you need me in your life
Now you love me, it hit you head on
You show your passion, your fatal flaw is gone
Why do I feel this restless disgust
I should be happy, but leave you I must
I’m not fully happy, I’m searching for more
Maybe I’m destined to be dissatisfied, eternally bored
What answers are there–I pray to the Lord
The sadness engulfs me, it tightens my chest
I hate myself for hurting you, for looking at the rest
You’re a wonderful person, maybe it is you
Maybe you ARE the one, maybe I won’t see it till your gone
I’m not sure of the outcome, but I know one thing
This game is definitely through
You didn’t love me, now I can’t love you.


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