It’s Time.

One meets too many people in a small lifetime and too few of them remain in the turn of the mind. It is the extraordinary moment that lingers on, becoming a part of your soul, like the cool that lingers when wind blows through the sieve of your fingers. That moment when unknowingly you allow a person to stay on, to remain.

You did. You remained. You stayed. You thrived. You created a small corner of comfortable existence in my mind, quick to resurface and tickle my thoughts with your memories at any given scintillation.

Small, inconsequential things remind me of you. Like when I write. Like when I hear music. Like when I see red roses. Like when I think about joining a gym. Like when I see curly hair. Like when I hear your name pegged to someone who isn’t you. Like when I hear free laughter.Like when I look at my phone and don’t see your number. Like when I look around and I don’t see you. Like when I look around and do see you and I know that you’re not real.

Last time, to hold on to sanity, I finally let you in. But this time, to hold on to reality, I have to let you go.

It’s time.


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